Six reasons why the world is demanding Hybrid cars
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My wife is originally from Europe (where the adoption of clean technology is more advanced) She also works for the Ministry of Environment in the climate action field, so we feel very strongly about carbon emissions and how they are hurting our planet.
We purchased a new Hybrid car, which we used for longer trips and an Electric car for local driving. We loved the benefits of helping the planet and having lower gas bills. While we loved the Hybrid car it was not long before we discovered “range anxiety” with our Electric car.

1)What is range anxiety?
The term “range anxiety” is a new term that describes the anxiety we feel when driving a pure Electric car and worrying that our car may run out of Electric charge before we get to another charging station. I know this anxiety all too well.
There are 4 issues that affect how we drive an Electric car and how far we can go.

  1. The distance that an Electric car can go between charging stations. Every year new Electric cars are going further with introduction of new and improved technology. While my Electric car only had a range of about 120 km, nowadays days we’re seeing ranges pass the 400 km, allowing us to drive further without the anxiety of recharging.
  2. The number of charging stations is increasing as the government and private industry invest in installing them every year. (And did I mention the “rock star” parking spaces we had access to). However, there is a need to install more stations at a faster rate than the number of new Electric cars that use them.
  3. The speed at which these charging stations charge your car is still very slow compared to the gas station fill ups that I grew up with. There were times that we had long waits at a restaurant while our car charged so that we could make it home. It took the fun out of some trips.
  4. Everything affects your range on an Electric car. Whether you use the lights, the radio, the heat, even the way you drive …anything Electric draws down your battery and reduces your charge; again, causing range anxiety. I mean who wants to worry about using the radio or turning on the heat? Each decision we made had an effect on the range we could drive.

We LOVED our Electric car and all the benefits it provided us, but in the end… we just didn’t want to deal with the range anxiety, so we sold our Electric car. We found that having a car with a Twin Engine Hybrid/plugin car gave us the all the benefits we wanted from our Electric and Hybrid cars, without the range anxiety.

2) What is a Twin Engine car?
Plug-in Hybrid technology
Volvo calls their plug-in Hybrid car technology “Twin Engine”. This advanced technology combines effortless performance with a drive mode to suit every need.
A Twin Engine car is exactly what it sounds like. There is a gas-powered Hybrid Engine in the front and an Electric motor (powered by plugging into the electrical grid) in the rear.
Now you can have the benefits of driving on pure electrical power (clean and cheap) and when you run out of electrical power your car runs on Hybrid mode (again clean and cheap)
No more range anxiety. You can drive around town or you can drive to Newfoundland and back.
Here is a quick Video of how a Twin Engine works.

3) How does a Twin Engine car help the environment?
I found 2 benefits driving our Electric car that were environmentally friendly:
  1. Obviously the zero emissions our Electric car and our Hybrid produce are helpful in the world’s largest challenge of cleaning up the planet. I believe it is up to everyone of us to help to reverse the climate change that wreaks havoc on us now.As a father, I am concerned about the condition I leave this planet in for my children…and, one day, for my grandchildren.I am proud of Canadian consumers that are making better choices on how they affect the planet by choosing our Volvo plugin Hybrids at an ever-increasing rate.
2. Noise pollution. When on pure Electric and using the Hybrid battery, these cars are dead silent. I love seeing these cars drive by so quietly. I’m fortunate that my condo has a good city view of Victoria, however, the noise of cars is tough to ignore. I dream of the day when all cars move along our streets in silence…allowing us to enjoy the sweet sounds of life.
4) How does save you money? While Electric cars still cost more to make and therefore buy, improved technology is making them more affordable every day. There are 2 ways that an Electric car saves you money:
  1. No gas required: Electric cars are entirely charged by the electricity you provide, meaning you don’t need to buy any gas ever again. Driving fuel-based cars keeps getting more expensive as the price of fuel continues to increase.With Electric cars, this cost can be avoided as an average driver spends $2,000 – $4,000 on gas each year. Though electricity isn’t free, an Electric car is far cheaper to run.
  2. Lower maintenance costs. Electric motors have fewer moving parts than gas engines, so they don’t require as much upkeep and they use less parts.
5) How do Twin Engines perform? There was a day…not too long ago…when Hybrids were (in my opinion) small, unattractive and had poor performance. Well times have changed my friend…
1) Size: Now we have Twin Engine SUVs, Wagons and Sedans in our full size luxurious 90 models. You don’t have to give up ANY creature comforts to drive a car that is good for the planet and saves on gas.

2) Attractive: No longer do we have to decide between good looks or a Hybrid. I constantly hear from Volvo buyers how much they love the look of our cars. I believe in the “list of features” that a buyer should have…that driving a car that you LOVE to look at is important.

Our cars are an important part of our life and I have to say…that having a love relationship with your car is important. Come on…don’t tell me that you don’t look at your car’s reflection when driving by a
store window and say to yourself… that’s cool. (OK…that’s a little T.M.I.)

3)   Performance: So, not only are these new Hybrids NOT sluggish like its predecessors…they’re fast…very fast…wickedly fast. You’ll fall in love with the instant acceleration of the Electric motor. Now this is how a car should drive.

These Twin Engine Hybrid/Plugins (called T8) only use a small 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine (great on gas) but they deliver a whopping 313 HP to the Hybrid Engine PLUS another 87 HP from the Electric motor totaling 400 HP and 472 ft per pound of torque.

All this combined in one of the world’s safest cars. It is good for the planet, has great mileage and fantastic looks. Volvo’s best in class technology, luxury features and a drive that will thrill you.

You can read all you want online about these T8’s but there’s nothing like experiencing them. I really recommend that you drive one. Over 90% of my clients wanting a new Volvo are purchasing a Twin Engine T8. This is the way of the future for driving.

1) What are my choices in models?

Our 90 and 60 series are available with the Twin Engine Technology. 

For more information on our Volvo Twin Engine cars contact Lance Cook; as a certified Volvo Product Advisor he has the training and experience to help you buy “The Right Car at the Right Price”