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Volvo Cars Victoria and Volvo Canada are great sites to learn everything about Volvo. What a website can’t do is provide you with information and advice as you need it. You are expected to “figure it out” and know where to go for what you want.

We all go through the “buyer’s journey” whether it’s buying a house a car or any other major purchase.

Each of us has our own time frame and set of needs for information and support as we make a car purchase. We all just want to get the advice we need and not some “pushy salesperson hounding us”

I built CarBuzz.ca to provide each client with the right information and advice at the right time, and on the device they choose.

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By combining an easy to navigate website, social media channels that are easy to engage with and a Customer Relationship Management system, it ensures my clients receive the service they want and deserve.

Here are the 3 main sections to CarBuzz.ca that will take you where you want to go.

About Lance Cook

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Lance Cook - Head of Car Buzz

My 30 years of award-winning customer service is a great asset as I expand my career into automotive sales. I have always succeeded in providing information and advice when my clients want it.

I do not believe in sales tricks or spamming people.

I believe in treating clients how I would want my family to be treated, and the business will come. Referrals have always been my path to success.

I chose to represent Volvo because of its long-term commitment to safety and the environment.  Their reputation as the “safest car on the road” is reinforced by all the stories I hear from our loyal clients that have owned several Volvos.

Now Volvo is leading the industry with their Plugin/hybrid technology that makes driving safe, affordable, environmentally friendly and fun. My role as a product advisor allows me to take the time to understand my clients’ wants and needs, then help them find the right car at the right price.

I’m currently working with Jim Pattison at Volvo Victoria. A small store where people are treated as valued clients and not just a number. Our service goes above and beyond by exceeding client expectations. This is why I have clients from all over BC choosing to work with us.

Connect with me to discover the newest models of SUVs, Sedans, and Wagons from the safest luxury car brand in the world & the most competitive pricing in all of Canada!